Fire Safety Awareness Rules

Fires can be catastrophic in any workplace – so you must following the correct steps.

Although you as an employer are responsible for your business’ overall fire safety, your employees are expected to follow certain policies and procedures to protect themselves and those around them.

To remind your employees of their fire safety responsibilities, our experts have outlined ten simple but effective instructions below.

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fire extinguisher
  1. Don’t block fire exits from the inside or outside and make sure they’re easily accessible.
  2. Never clutter or obstruct any fire-fighting equipment.
  3. If you see a fault with any fire-fighting equipment, make sure to report it.
  4. If you see someone doing something dangerous, report it straight away.
  5. Don’t interfere with fire safety devices unless you’re trained to do so.
  6. If you see any exposed and/or damaged wires, report them to your manager.
  7. Keep fire doors closed at all times. If this isn’t possible or you have trouble opening or closing your fire door, report it straight away.
  8. Don’t let flammable materials like wastepaper and rubbish build up.
  9. Make sure plug sockets aren’t overloaded and, if they are, don’t just turn a blind eye.
  10. Keep equipment that produces heat (like printers and coffee machines) away from anything that could burn.

Why not download our free poster to print off and display around your workplace so everyone can stay aware of their fire safety responsibilities?

And remember, if you’ve got any questions about your fire and electrical safety measures, you can get in touch with our service team by calling 0800 055 6559.

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