Electrical Appliance Safety Checks

If in doubt, don’t use it!

As well as completing their fire and electrical safety training, your employees are responsible for their own behaviour and safety in the workplace.

To make sure they’re safe when working with or around electrical equipment, our specialists have put together these top ten questions – so your employees know what to look out for and when to raise any concerns with you.

Plug sockets
loose screws
Cracked electrics
  1. Are there any clear signs of breakage to the outer casing, like fractures, cracks, or missing parts?
  2. Are any of the appliance’s screws loose?
  3. Does the plug look damaged in any way?
  4. Is any part of the cable frayed, split, cracked, burnt or scorched?
  5. Does the flex attached to the plug look like it’s been burnt, over-stretched, or damaged?
  6. Are there any signs of over-heating in the area surrounding the appliance?
  7. Are there any signs of damage to the appliance’s socket or fitting, like burn marks or visible internal elements?
  8. Is the environment the appliance is in damp or dusty?
  9. Are any of its cables wrapped or tangled under or around furniture?
  10. When turned on, does the appliance look, smell, and sound as it should?

Why not download our free poster to print off and display around your workplace so everyone can access these questions?

And remember, if you’ve got any questions about your fire and electrical safety measures, you can get in touch with our service team by calling 0800 055 6559.

electrical safety poster

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