Asbestos Surveys protect your staff, the public and your business from the threat of asbestos exposure

You might be forgiven for thinking that asbestos is a problem of the past and therefore not think an Asbestos Survey is required. But did you know that asbestos was widely used in construction materials right up until 2000? And asbestos exposure can be attributed to around 5,000 deaths each year?

There’s potential for asbestos to be in items all around us – from cements, cladding and lagging to flooring and roofing. An Asbestos Survey can identify if it’s present and if action needs to be taken.

The threat of asbestos lays dormant until the material is disturbed – and this typically occurs during building or renovation work. When asbestos-containing materials are disrupted, the asbestos fibres become airborne and can be inhaled.

So the people who tend to be most at risk include those directly involved in construction, renovation or demolition – anyone from a plumber to a plasterer.


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How can Citation Fire & Electrical help my business detect the threat of asbestos?

As a business owner or employer, the law says that you are responsible for controlling the risk of exposure to asbestos-containing materials.

The best way to do this is to conduct an asbestos survey – which is where Citation Fire & Electrical come in.

If you suspect that your building may be an asbestos risk, or if you don’t know how to start identifying those risks in the first place, book your Asbestos Survey and one of our qualified Health & Safety consultants can visit you on site, and help you to start identifying and assessing the asbestos danger to your workplace.

Contact our expert team

If you suspect asbestos materials in your premises, or you want some expert advice,
contact our expert team today to arrange your Asbestos Survey.

What does an Asbestos Survey involve?

One of our qualified consultants will visit you to inspect your premises for asbestos-containing materials and determine if, and how, a repair should be carried out.

We can explain what methods are needed to safely manage the situation, and help you decide if a specialist contractor – who’s licensed to deal with asbestos – is required.

The type of topics our Asbestos Survey covers includes:

  • Identifying and assessing asbestos risk in the workplace
  • Education and training on asbestos and its risks
  • Procedures and processes for managing asbestos materials
  • Action reporting and planning remedial work and demolition
  • Response to exposure and accident reporting
  • Ensuring full compliance with Health & Safety regulations

Why choose Citation Fire & Electrical for Asbestos Surveys?

Nationwide service

Qualified consultants, nationwide

We have a nationwide network of expert consultants so we can be on hand, wherever you are. No ‘surprise’ call-out fees, just straightforward, friendly advice.

247 support

24/7 advice and support

We’re proud to offer round-the-clock advice and support to every business that partners with us – that’s 24/7, 365 days a year access to Health & Safety experts.

Safety testing clients

Over 40,000 clients

Citation Fire & Electrical is part of The Citation Group, who support over 40,000 clients nationwide with compliance, quality and accreditation, so you have the support of a wider network.

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