A guide to PAT Testing

It’s estimated that there are 15,000 fires in businesses across the UK every year. Behind those figures lies financial ruin, lost lives and a host of businesses lost. It’s serious stuff.

We’ve answered some common PAT Testing questions below. If you’ve got any questions specific to your business, simply call our service team who will be happy to help.

What is PAT Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) involves a series of electrical and visual inspections on all portable appliances within a place of work. These tests determine whether or not the electrical appliances are safe for use by staff and/or customers.

What is a portable electrical appliance?

A portable electrical appliance is any electrical appliance that’s either moved when in use or can be easily moved from one place to another – a kettle, toaster, power tool or vacuum cleaner, for example. Larger items, such as printers and photocopiers are also included.


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What happens if an item fails PAT Testing?

If an item fails PAT Testing, it means it’s unsafe for use in its current condition. The next steps will depend on the reason the item failed its PAT Test. Small repairs – such as fuse replacements or loose wiring – can be corrected on the spot, but larger repairs would require further action.

Is PAT Testing disruptive?

No, PAT Testing can be performed with minimal disruption. For example, in the case of an office environment, each PC would need to be shut down for between five to 10 minutes in turn, for each test to be carried out – the perfect opportunity to get a brew round in! Server rooms, however, would need to be shut down to be tested, which it when our out of hours service comes in useful.

How can we be sure every appliance has been tested?

At Citation Fire & Electrical, we’ve built procedures into our testing process that ensures a full PAT Test is carried out on all equipment, and that the equipment is unplugged and checked correctly. Your portable appliances will also be tagged and colour-coded for easy, visual identification.


If you want to take the stress out of PAT Testing, call the expert team at Citation Fire & Electrical and find out how our comprehensive service can fit seamlessly into your business, covering all of your testing and servicing needs.