For any kind of business, it’s vital that a fire extinguisher works perfectly, first time. If you’ve got your fire extinguishers set up but you’re lucky enough to have never used them before, how can you tell if they’re up to the job?

This article will give you an overview of the key questions businesses frequently ask about fire extinguisher servicing – from the key fire extinguisher servicing regulations that affect your obligations to how often fire extinguishers should be serviced.

And if you already know your stuff? We offer a nationwide service, delivered by qualified professionals and multiskilled assessors, so you can rest assured your fire extinguisher servicing is in safe hands:

  • We’re a BAFE SP101 registered business with decades of experience
  • Our fire safety team are all FIA trained and DBS checked
  • Nationwide coverage, no matter the industry or size of your business
  • We offer comprehensive service and maintenance for water, powder, CO2, foam, wet chemical & Lith-Ex fire extinguishers.

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Is there a fire extinguisher servicing law?

Fire extinguishers, their service and maintenance fall under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO), like all fire safety legislation applicable for England and Wales. The primary aim of the legislation is to prevent fire by placing obligations on those that own, manage or operate a business to comply with fire safety law, which includes fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance.

It’s not only a legal requirement to complete a fire extinguisher service, but also to keep a permanent record of all inspections, maintenance and servicing interactions of all the fire extinguishers at your premises.

How does a fire extinguisher service work?

A commercial fire extinguisher service will comprise a number of important checks to make sure that your extinguishers are in full working order and up to the job if you ever need to use them.

During the fire extinguisher annual service, the following elements are checked:

  • Is the fire extinguisher in date?
  • Has the fire extinguisher been tampered with?
  • Is the fire extinguisher in good working order?
  • Is the fire extinguisher the correct weight?
  • Is the fire extinguisher the correct pressure?
  • Has the fire extinguisher the correct signage and positioning?

In addition to these service requirements, the assessor will record the service that has taken place on your premises and will advise if you need any maintenance to bring any extinguishers in line with regulations, any replacements for those that fail their inspection and will advise if you need any additional fire extinguishers at your site.

How often should a fire extinguisher be serviced in the UK?

If you’re unsure about how often a fire extinguisher needs to be serviced, then the short answer is annually, by a competent person, to meet current fire safety regulations.

In addition, a straightforward visual inspection should be carried out monthly, where the location, condition, tamper seals and pressure gauges for every extinguisher should be checked and documented.

If your monthly visual inspection identifies any damage or a drop in pressure, then we advise you to book a full fire extinguisher service to make sure your extinguishers are in full working order in the event of a fire.

Current fire extinguisher regulations also recommend that water, foam, powder, and wet chemical extinguishers need either replacing or an extended service every five years. Furthermore, a CO2 extinguisher needs replacing every 10 years – or earlier if they have been damaged or used.

How we can help

Still not sure about your fire extinguisher service requirements? There’s no need to worry. Our BAFE accredited service can help make sure all your fire safety measures are up to date and comply with legislation.

We can conduct anything from fire extinguisher servicing, fire alarm maintenance and emergency light testing to a full fire risk assessment by our multi-skilled, FIA trained, and DBS checked assessors wherever you’re based.

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Experience and expertise

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