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Emergency lighting is lifesaving. In the event of an incident – such as a fire, billowing smoke or a power cut – emergency lighting plays a crucial part in supporting safe evacuation.

Without adequate emergency lighting, you’re putting everyone on your premises in danger if there’s an emergency.

What does ’emergency lighting’ mean?

There a three different types of emergency lighting and depending on the size or type of your business, it’s important you’re familiar with them.

Escape route lighting

This lighting signals the exits in the event of an emergency so people can evacuate safely. These lights can be found along corridors and above emergency exits.

High-risk task area lighting

This lighting is specific to areas where there is machinery, hazardous chemicals, or equipment that needs to be monitored when in use. In most emergencies, members of the public and employees can leave the building safely but for some workers, this isn’t always possible. For example, if an employee must wear noise-cancelling headphones whilst working, they might not hear the fire alarm so to make sure they evacuate safely you’ll need to install high-risk task area lighting.

Open area lighting

This is also known as ‘anti-panic lighting’ and is used to guide people to a place of safety quickly and efficiently.


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What does Annual Emergency Light Testing & Inspection involve?

The degree to which your emergency light system needs to be tested all depends on the building you’re in and the type of system you’ve installed. Many modern buildings come with emergency lights already fitted, while some are retrospectively fitted.

The most important detail is that your system meets regulations, is fit for purpose, maintained, and regularly tested.

Generally speaking, for most systems, Emergency Lighting checks by an expert include:

  • Testing all emergency lights for operation and illumination
  • Inspecting the condition of the system and checking the battery drain
  • Recording the test date
  • Reporting on system deficiencies and outlining actions
  • Training selected employees on how to conduct monthly inspections
  • Issuing an Emergency Light Certificate

Set up your free Emergency Light Testing reminder service

It only takes a minute to fill in the form to get a Emergency Light Testing reminder straight to your inbox. That way, you stay compliant without having to lift a finger.

Emergency light testing reminder service

How often should you be testing your emergency lights?

It’s a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to perform monthly tests on your emergency lighting. This is to allow people on your premises to evacuate safely and quickly.

Your monthly inspection is a short, functional test that is required under regulation BS EN 50172:2004 to check the level of light, central power supply, or a central battery source.

Who can test emergency lighting?

Like all fire safety services, it’s important you have a qualified competent person to carry out your testing.

How we can help

As part of Citation Fire & Electricals’ Emergency Light Testing service, our FIA trained experts can carry out a thorough assessment of your emergency lighting system and complete all the relevant documentation needed to keep you compliant.

Plus, we’re a NICEIC registered company too, so we can issue certificates proving the safety and standards of your Emergency Lighting system.

And to make sure that you keep on top of your Emergency Light Testing, we provide a free reminder service, that alerts you to when your next service is due.

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Why choose Citation Fire & Electrical for Emergency Light Testing?

Nationwide service

With you wherever you are

No matter where you’re based, we have FIA trained experts and specialists across the country, so we can be by your side when you need us – with no call out or travel charges.

ISO Certified

Quality assurance as standard

Our quality control managers ensure the highest standards are met for all of our Emergency Light Testing services. For complete peace of mind, we also provide a full after-sales service.

Experience and expertise

Experience and expertise

Each of our engineers is FIA trained, and we are NICEIC registered too, so we can guarantee compliance to the highest level. Our Emergency Light Work is 100% warrantied and our engineers fully covered by public liability insurance for extra peace of mind.

What our customers say...

What our customers say...