What is an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) outlines the findings from your fixed wire tests. Once the tests are complete, a copy of the report along with your EICR certificate will be shared with the person who organised your inspection so you can prove your business complies with the IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) and other relevant electrical safety standards.

It’s important to remember that without an electrical installation certificate, your insurance could be invalid, and your business may be forced to close.

Who can carry out an EICR?

Only registered and qualified electricians should carry out your EICR to ensure it meets the electrical UK standard: BS 7671, and other British safety standards.


How long does an EICR last?

For businesses, the frequency of your tests and inspections can range from three months to ten years as it depends on the type of your electrical installations and what environment they’re in. The engineer on site will assess all factors and produce a recommendation for you.

If you’re a landlord or an agent of a private rented property, we recommend you carry out your routine checks every five years to comply with The Landlord and Tenant Act (1985).


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What is involved in an EICR?

Your EICR is a full, in-depth summary of the conditions of the electrics in your workplace and will determine if they meet the current British Standard for electrical safety (BS 7671). The report will record any findings from the inspections, any remedial work, and any recommendations where there’s room for improvement.

Once your EICR is complete, you will receive written confirmation of your report along with a certificate proving your business’ electrics are safe and compliant.

How we can help

To support you through your EICR report, our qualified and multi-skilled engineers will perform the testing for you and provide you with a certificate in a digital format, so you’ve got easy access to it when you need it and can refer back to it for future inspections. We’ll also only be a phone call away if you need additional support and advice.

Need support with your EICR? Fill out your details in the form above and our team will contact you shortly.

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