Fire Safety Testing Checklist for UK Businesses

If you don’t keep your fire safety measures up to scratch and up to date, you run the risk of facing legal action and immediate closure, along with putting everyone in your business in danger.

Despite how the pandemic has affected your business’ operations, you still have a legal responsibility as an employer to stay on top of your fire safety measures.

So, to make sure you’re following your responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), the Fire Safety Order (2005), and other regulations to protect your business and employees, our experts have put together this handy Fire Safety Testing Checklist to help you get started.

Emergency lights

  • If your business is occupied during hours of darkness, have you installed emergency lighting?
  • Will your emergency lighting system work when you need it to?
  • Have you tested it (via a visual inspection and a flick test), to make sure it works properly?
  • Have you recently carried out a visual inspection to detect any damage or faults?
  • Are you due your annual emergency light testing to comply with British Standards?

Fire extinguishers

  • Are your fire extinguishers still located in the correct place?
  • Are they fitted properly?
  • Are they the correct type?
  • Are the anti-tamper seals in place?
  • If there is a pressure gauge, is it ok?
  • Do they need replacing?
  • Have their maintenance dates expired?
  • When is your fire extinguisher servicing next due?

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Fire alarms

  • Have you tested your fire detection system to see if it’s fault free and functioning correctly? (This includes checking your fire alarm panel, call points, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and suppression systems).
  • Has your fire alarm system and fire prevention equipment testing been maintained to comply with the relevant British Standards?
  • Have you made changes to your building that may require additional automatic fire detection?
  • When are your fire alarms due their next inspection?
  • Is your call point easy to access and guaranteed to do its job in the instance of a fire?

Fire risk assessment

  • Is your fire risk assessment up to date including any new changes like an increase in capacity or change to the building structure for example?
  • If you have a kitchen on your premises, have you reviewed your cooking equipment, extractor fans, duct work and other fire hazards?
  • Is all your fire safety documentation up to date?
  • Have you conducted the necessary checks if your staffing levels have changed?
  • Is your appointed fire warden still with the business and present during business hours?
  • Do you need to appoint a new fire warden?
  • Have you done the necessary checks with your new fire warden to make sure they can carry out their role effectively before you reopen?
  • Have all employees been familiarised with the latest fire risk assessment?
  • Do you need to update your evacuation procedures?
  • Are all escape routes still easy to access in the event of a fire? Even for wheelchair users?


  • Are all your employees up to date with their fire safety training?
  • Are all your fire safety training documents up to date?
  • Do you have new staff that require training in fire safety?
  • Are you up to date with refresher training and drills or are they overdue?

How we can help

Along with offering professional guidance, our trained assessors can work alongside your business to ensure your Fire Risk Assessment, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and emergency lighting are all up to date and comply with legislations. Each assessor holds a minimum NEBOSH level 3 qualification in fire safety or equivalent, and are regularly audited to ensure you receive nothing less than a high standard service.

We can conduct a full assessment of your fire safety measures, identify any problems, and provide you with an in-depth report so you can act quickly to rectify any issues and feel confident that your business is in safe hands.

To get in touch with our team click here.