Fire Risk Assessment in an education setting

In a recent government announcement, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to the nation that all children – across nurseries, primary and secondary schools, and colleges – will be back at school from September “on a full-time plan”.

We understand that reopening your doors after a difficult couple of months will be your number one priority, especially after your pupils will have been learning from home and there may be quite a lot of catching up to do. Because of this, you won’t want anything getting in the way of reopening your education setting such as your Fire Risk Assessment, which is why it’s crucial that you’ve updated it.

Why do I need to update my Fire Risk Assessment?

When it comes to the safety of your school, college or nursery, prevention is better than cure. And the definitive way to prevent as many risks of fire as possible is to regularly conduct and update your Fire Risk Assessments.

Updating your Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement so you can prove that your education setting is safe. When conducting the assessment, you may need to include servicing fire extinguishers, alarms, emergency lighting, updating documents, providing training to your staff, identifying hazards and so much more.


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Evaluating required fire measures

There are three key areas when it comes to looking at your Fire Risk Assessment and these are listed below.

Fire detection and warningDo you have updated arrangements to detect fire in place? Will these arrangements provide sufficient early warning? Can everyone easily recognise your evacuation warning signals?
Means of escapeDo all your escape routes lead to a place of safety whilst promoting social distancing? Are all your fire safety and exit signs clear and easy to understand? Are your escape routes wide enough for the number and type of people using them?
Provision of fire-fighting equipmentAre your portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets stored in a suitable place? Have a reasonable number of employees been recently trained on how to use your fire-fighting equipment?

Records, emergency plan and training

When it comes to training and your emergency plans, a sample of the things you need to consider include:

  • Who’ll liaise with the emergency services?
  • Have you got designated and signed evacuation muster and fire assembly points?
  • Are enough people trained and nominated to make sure a roll call is taken in the event of an evacuation?

Review, review, review

Fire risk assessments are living documents and should be reviewed either annually or after:

  • Enforcing authorities or your responsible person recommends you to do so
  • A serious fire incident – including arson and vandalism
  • There’s been a change of working practices or use of premises
  • There’s been a change of occupancy of tenant activity
  • A change in the type or number of people working within your premises
  • A change in work shift patterns
  • Structural alteration
  • A change in the quantity and type of stored combustible/flammable materials
  • New work equipment or processes are introduced
  • There’s a change in the neighbouring premises and/or their activities that might affect the assessed hazards or risks
  • Last but not least, any other significant or material change to the previous assessment details.

How Citation Fire & Electrical can help

First, we’ll conduct a review of your existing fire hazards and explain the risks and how to control them.

We’ll then create an action plan for you and give your education setting an overall risk rating.

Our end goal is to make sure your setting is fire-safe and meeting your legal obligations. But it doesn’t stop there. We also offer ongoing checks on all your fire safety equipment – like extinguishers, alarms and emergency lighting so you have peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a 100% reliable service. We uphold rigorous standards and our processes are continuously audited to make sure that you receive the same quality service every time. We know our stuff and we’re here to put your mind at ease from the very start. To book a Fire Risk Assessment or for free advice before you reopen your doors in September, contact our service team here.